new babies

well, i don’t usually do this kind of posts but i’m so in love with all of the new things that i bought these days that i had to share here. (and if this is something that may interest you guys, let me know DSC_0013starting with these glasses!!! BAM! i know it’s not for everybody and it’s definitely not a casual-easy-ready-to-wear glasses but it’s a piece that makes a difference and that i can use with the most boring outfit and it will make it shine. from pull&bearDSC_0022then we have these adorable ~summer feeling~ nail polishes from H&M. best gift from my girl. i’m excited to try them on as soon as my nails get a lil bigger.DSC_0030and last but not least, these zara sneakerssssss! i was o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d with these for so long i can’t even believe i  was finally able to buy them.
b&w-different-casual-good with everything sneakers.
no regrets, just love.


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