Raise your hands who goes through online stores, fill the cards and just leave before buying anything !!!!!!!!!!!
That’s like my hobbie, almost.
That’s why i decided to show a few things that are making my heart beat faster for a while now (and hopefully will pass from wishlist to inside my wardrobe soon! )
And since the summer is almost over, it’s time to shop for my favorite season of the year (or use it as an excuse to do it)
But seriously, good pieces that doesn’t have a ‘fashion expiration date face’ or that can easily goes through the seasons and that are a good match with the things we already have in our closet it’s aways a good shop!
Which does not necessarily apply to the accessories. They are the ones that are going to give that different vibe from the clothes that we use everyday (it’s a way more cheap way to have new looks too) so, it’s ok to go a little crazy on the supercool accessories, they can be fun, colorful and vibrating, because their job it’s to make an impact!
got it?

Slide21. Super cool striped jacket here
2. Hat here
3.’miley’s’ earrings here
4.Killer heels here
5.’Kylie kiss’ earrings here
6. Cat eyes sunglasses here
7.Good with everything black skirt here




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